The Individual Oral Commentary

The Individual Oral Commentary is probably the most stressful Literature assignment of the year, unless you’re taking IB Lang & Lit of course. Then it’s probably the IB test, because you have to pay 100 bucks and it gives college credit so don’t mess up. Essentially, you have to read a prompt from one of our past units and talk about it. Unfortunately, you have around 15 minutes to read it and you have to talk for 20 minutes straight. Our list of potential topics was Martin Luther King speeches that we have read in class, such as the “I Have A Dream” speech, excerpts from 1984, and some other short stories that we read in class.

I was fortunate enough to get one of the prompts from 1984, which we had discussed extensively in class. 1984 was actually the book we had to read for the first Written Task 1, where I couldn’t fully comprehend it. That really hindered my progress in writing. I mean, the guy practically wrote it like a Shakespeare play! The worst part was that I had to do it on the last day of school, but I was also pretty much the last person to go. Whereas everyone else had gone home because it was a short day, I had to go back and do the hardest assignment of the year. In the end I went to lunch with my mom at a local diner and then we looked around at Goodwill for a while until I eventually made my way back to the school. I actually did really well on it, which surprised me.

Unless my English teacher was just saying that to make me feel better about the whole thing. The hardest part was probably just the anticipation building up until then, because I’m really terrified of public speaking. I know my friend in Playa Vista has the same issue. That’s probably why we get along so well, is because we’re both shy. He’s been recently coming out of his shell more, which is driving more customers towards his overnight dog boarding business. Maybe I’ll have to visit him sometime. This was still a private event, with just you and the teacher in a room. 

What I did this weekend, but as a prequel

I forgot to talk about what I did on Saturday. Actually, I didn’t really forget. There just wasn’t enough room before I reached the 350 mark, and why waste words in that article when they can spill over into the next one? It’s called efficiency. I like to think I’m pretty efficient, I always know what shortcuts to take that don’t sacrifice quality. There’s a difference between doing something quickly and doing something efficiently. In any event, on Saturday I went to Topaz Lake with my dad, his friend Sheri, and her kids. No, they’re not dating. It’s more of a “will-they-or-won’t-they” soap opera that I couldn’t care less about.

I just hope she knows that he was unfaithful in his last relationship. He’s just lucky I don’t bring it up. My dad would probably go on some rampage and rip all my games out of the TV and throw them on the ground. He thinks he’s teaching me a lesson, but from an outside perspective he makes himself look like a temperamental child. There’s a right way to handle things, and a wrong way. Anyways, we took Sheri’s family’s boat to Topaz and rode a round a bit. They had this inflatable duck-shaped thing, so her son Ty and I took turns being dragged by the boat. It was built to be ridden by a 7-year old, so there was no way we could stay on top of it. It kept rolling and flipping every time we tried to hop on.

One thing I’m great at hopping on is the seattle hood cleaners hype train. Once we were out there, we ate some KFC that we had brought and it was actually really good. I was probably just super hungry because I don’t usually eat breakfast, but I devoured this chicken. Typically I don’t care for chicken-oriented places like KFC and El Pollo Loco. Chicken chimichangas from Super Taqueria are amazing, though. I’m glad I live so close. I had fun out on the lake, and we’re probably going to head back soon. My dad wants to bring an actual biscuit this time, so I can have more fun being towed

Famous people from Illinois

First off I’ll use the obvious example, Obama. Barack Hussein Obama was from Chicago, IL. He grew up to be the president in 2008 and was reelected in 2012. Politics are extremely divisive, so it’s difficult to tell whether or not he was a “good” president. Good and bad are so subjective that I could spend this whole post writing about how good Obama was, and an entire other article on how bad he was. Anyways, Harrison Ford was also from Chicago. He was in American Graffiti, Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the Lost Ark, Temple of Doom, Last Crusade, Kingdom of the Crystal Skull, Blade Runner (and the upcoming sequel), A New Hope, The Empire Strikes Back, Return of the Jedi, and a lot of other movies.

Also from Chicago was Ernest Hemingway, the author most famous for winning the Nobel prize in 1954. Quincy Jones is also from Illinois. He produced a few of Michael Jackson’s albums. Even among all these people originating from Illinois was the “King of Swing” Benny Goodman. He actually wrote a lot of the old big band music that I enjoy. There are too many people in the modern age that don’t appreciate music without lyrics, but it honestly really helps me sleep at night. If there are lyrics then I focus on the words that they’re saying and it keeps me up even longer. Even though they’re not from Illinois, the men down at the best towing company in reno nv will hook you up. Quality service for a an affordable price, I would assume. I’ve never actually been so I have no idea. Coincidentally enough, Harrison Ford is also one of my favorite actors.

He was awesome in American Graffiti, which has probably the best soundtrack in a movie to date. Guardians of the Galaxy attempted to top them, but 50s music is so much better than 70s and 80s. In reality, I wouldn’t be surprised if you went into a classroom of first graders and asked them to spell Illinois but they couldn’t do it. Part of me feels like the same amount wouldn’t be able to pronounce it if they saw it written