All Around Surfaces in Sioux Falls, South Dakota Reviews Concrete Polishing

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In 1886 and 1887, an Israeli archeologist took a chunk of concrete to his lab.  The concrete was discovered in Jericho when a bulldozer dug up some ground that was to become a motor speedway.  He did some testing on the concrete which was polished and brown and determined it was a lime concrete dating back to 7,000 BC.

Concrete polishing is quickly gaining in popularity as it is beautiful and very durable.  Patterns can be made in the concrete like logos of sports teams or geographical patterns.  Concrete polishing is used in both residential and commercial buildings inside and out.

When doing concrete polishing, most installers like to use an apply dye.  Apply dye is predictable and less mottled the other dyes on the market.  They will apply the dye prior to the final polishing.  They then add a densifier to bring out the rich colors of the dye.

Concrete Polishing Sioux Falls South Dakota
Laborer performing and polishing sand and cement screed floor. Sand and cement floor screed.

Another type of polishing is called dry polishing.  This process was first discovered in the 1990’s when a contractor hired some workers to polish a concrete floor.  He left the property for a period of time and when he returned, he was shocked to see the workers were dry polishing the concrete.  Once they removed the dust, however, the surface was beautiful.

The process of apply dye and dry dye is up to the contractor who has it installed.  The apply dye is does require several sanding passes over the concrete.  They use a grit metal-bonded diamond each time that gets smaller and smaller to smooth the surface.  This will cause a lot of slurry that needs to be collected and disposed of environmentally.  The machine that is used for dry polishing has a vacuum built into it and it picks up the concrete dust as is polishes the surface.

Concrete polishing can be done on old and new concrete.  However, older concrete can have cracks, stains and dents that need to be fixed.  Removing stains can be a lengthy process as a degreaser needs to be added and left on the surface for a period of time before it is removed.  In some cases, the older concrete may be too damaged, and a two-inch topping may need to be poured on the existing slab.Concrete Polishing Sioux Falls SD

New concrete is a sounder product as it is poured to its full depth which prevents cracks by taking advantage of its structural strength.  In either case, when concrete is poured, it must sit for a minimum of twenty-eight days before it is completely cured.

Concrete polishing has many benefits in commercial use as it is more cost effective to install.  It will resist marks from forklifts, tires and staining when oils or chemicals are spilled.  They don’t need to be polished with waxes or messy coatings and can be cleaned with a damp cloth or mop.  The other benefit is the surface reflects light brightening office building, public facilities and hotels which save energy by using less lighting.

All Around Surfaces has been in the concrete polishing business for years in the Sioux Falls, South Dakota area.  They have installed flooring in shooting ranges, church lobbies, garages – both commercial and residential – as well as cabin floors in recreational areas.