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Restaurant Hood Cleaning business

Restaurant Hood Cleaning is a really interesting, low visibility business that has decent profits and is a necessary service for restaurants and commercial kitchens of all types.  My story of becoming involved in hood cleaners businesses started about three years ago on Facebook…

I was looking to shut down my technical recruiting business because I really hated recruiting. Seriously hated it.  My category of recruiting was to work with companies that needed software engineers.  I would have to find the companies to work with, strike an exclusive deal with them, then find software engineers and strike an exclusivity deal with them. Then match them up.  Ugh.  Problem was that most of them were willing to lie and not give you exclusivity and you’d end up competing with other recruiters for the same candidates and for the same company.  It was a waste of time and very insulting.

So, I wanted to bail and find a business that I could do on my own. And I wanted to be able to protect myself from the liars and cheats that I could see in business.

I found the concept of generating internet leads to small, local businesses. It was about doing marketing that they could not do for themselves. Mostly.  Sometimes, it was not that they couldn’t do it themselves as much as it took too much of their time to do it for themselves.

I started doing the work for typical service businesses that could use the help: carpet cleaners, towing companies, plumbers, window tint installers, etc.  I found that this was okay but I was seeing too many of my counterparts trying to make a living in the same market.

I simply prayed to run into a niche that would be my own. A niche where I would really enjoy the personalities of the company owners.  A niche where the market was not already flooded with people doing the same services as me.  I knew that if I found a niche like that – I’d have a head start in becoming the marketing leader for that niche.

Then it happened.  On Facebook, someone that I casually knew from talking about life and politics reached out to me about my marketing business.  The guy’s name was Michael and we chatted by IM for about 20 minutes before we put together a phone call and talked about his challenge.

Michael told me that he’d paid $5000 for a website and was getting 1-2 leads for new business per month.  He said he was also paying $250 a month for SEO services which seemed to not be working.  When I asked what his business was, he told me that he had a restaurant hood cleaning business.

I didn’t tell him, but at the time he told me about his hood cleaning company, I didn’t have a clue what hood cleaners did.  I didn’t ask him to explain it – I simply asked him to send me a link to his website and I said I would do a competitive analysis and layout a blueprint for him to move forward and fix his marketing issues.  I told him that the blueprint would cost $500.  I also told him that if I saw no ways to fix his online marketing issues – I’d give him back 50%.

How I created the Restaurant Hood Cleaning Digital Marketing Blueprint

He agreed and used Paypal to send me $500. Then I did a deep dive into the world of restaurant hood cleaning and into his local market, and then into his marketing issues.

My analysis got me really excited about his hood cleaning business.  He was in a pretty large market.  He had a terrible website, and he was a guy that was anxious to do a lot more business in his local market.

My deep dive did not make me an expert hood cleaner, but it certainly allowed me to see how they market their services, the profitability of their companies, and how I could leverage the internet to generate commercial kitchen exhaust hood cleaning leads that could quickly convert to new clients.

I went back to Michael and explained my findings in a screencast video.  I was able to show him the issues with his website (not how it looked, but why it did not make his phone ring).  Also in the video, I covered how search engines worked and how all of his competitors were ranking far better than him in the search engines.

The other portion of my hood cleaning digital marketing blueprint was to lay out the steps to fix his website and how to get it to rank in the search engines with the final result being that his phone would start to ring with calls coming from restaurants that needed immediate hood cleanings.

Michael truly appreciated the report and told me that he’d rather pay me to get him the results rather than follow the hood cleaning digital marketing blueprint himself.  So we agreed to a reasonable monthly investment and I went to work. 

Within 90 days, we generated 120 phone call leads for hood cleaning. Suddenly Michael’s business became really strong in the market and further success was imminent.

restaurant hood cleaning results
Ranking #1 in Google for 25+ keywords & phrases related to restaurant hood cleaning.

After our hood cleaning, digital marketing blueprint had been in place for about 6 months, Michael told me that what I had done for him and his business would allow him to retire someday.  I was excited for him and flattered that I was able to help him to achieve this.

The other day, Michael invited me to come to spend a day with him. We went tailgating at a college football game and then attended the game.  While we were together, Michael told me that he was in a position where he could sell the business for a healthy profit or he could keep it and turn it over to his lead hood cleaning technician to run and split the profits with him.  He says he’s leaning to the latter choice because he really wants to stay involved and mentor the kid.

So, in the course of those few years of working with Michael and his hood cleaning company, I had also started working with other restaurant hood cleaning companies nationwide.  My hood cleaning digital marketing blueprint is now being used in companies from Seattle to Miami.  We have over forty hood cleaning companies on board and we’re adding more every month.

Most recently, we’ve been opening relationships with companies in the centre of the country and in the Southern States.  I think that our Nashville restaurant hood cleaning client is going to be huge and we just started on that location 30 days ago. But we are looking at the whole state of Tennessee as having massive potential.  The amount of Nashville restaurants isn’t as high as some other places we do business but I still feel strongly about it.

Our hood cleaning digital marketing blueprint is being perfected every month.  Mostly, is this tied to restaurant hood cleaners allows us the insight to make adjustments that improve results for them.  So we adjust for our current clients and start with the new adjustments for the new clients that we onboard to our system.

One of the things that we’ve learned that can make a huge difference is the way that the hood cleaning companies answer their phones (if the answer them at all).  We found through some of our tests, that if a hood cleaning company lets their incoming phone calls go to voicemail, 80% of those callers move onto call the next company on their list and the lead is lost.

Restaurant Hood Cleaning NashvilleOur hood cleaning leads are precious. We set it up to get people that have immediate hood cleaning needs.  They might have an insurance inspection, or a fire inspection, or a city inspector coming.  They may have inadvertently neglected their restaurant exhaust hood and hood filters.  They are looking for results NOW.  So, if the hood cleaning company lets their call to voicemail – they’ve lost their chance to grab this restauranteur as a new client.

As part of our hood cleaning digital marketing blueprint services, we’ve also audited phone calls in order to coach owners or their staff on how to answer the phone correctly and to land more business.  These audits have taught us a ton and helped to increase profits by massive amounts.  The mistakes we’ve seen on initial phone calls would shock you.

We recently had a client tell us that they were giving up on using the internet for leads because their salesperson could not close any internet leads that came there from the restaurant hood cleaning website. So they would not invest in our program.  We offered to do a phone audit and listen to the incoming calls to their company.  We recorded calls for 30 days and listened to every call.  We found that the potential hood cleaning clients were not the problem.  They had set themselves up to fail by putting someone completely untrained in sales or customer service to deal with these hood cleaning calls.

It was a TRAIN WRECK.  This person answered the phone like he was being totally interrupted and he took no interest in what these callers wanted.  It was painful to listen to these calls.  Dozens of wasted opportunities and all it would have taken was to teach this guy how to listen and set up appointments.  Instead, 75% of the callers sounded annoyed by him and did not move forward. The rest set up appointments for quotes and never got them.  That was no way to make money in hood cleaning.

Restaurant Hood Cleaning Beautiful hoodThe best way that I explain this to restaurant hood cleaning company owners is simply this – when a lead comes in for hood cleaning, you’re probably dealing with a restaurant owner or manager that’s business lives and dies based on customer service.  If you were in their restaurant and the food server acted as though you were an annoyance to your day – what would you think of that restaurant?  Would you care if the food was good?  Or would the experience be enough to send you to a different restaurant?  Now, put that on the front end of the experience with your hood cleaning business.  Are you happy to be helpful?  Are you really listening to your clients’ wants and needs?  Do you have a serving attitude? If you don’t, fix this problem IMMEDIATELY.  You don’t want to put a hood cleaning digital marketing blueprint into place and have someone botching all your new phone calls.

I have more tips than I can put into one article – so I’m going to close out this article here.  I’m glad you found it and read it.  If you have any questions, you can email me at [email protected] or contact me through my website at

If you’re in the restaurant hood cleaning business and you want to discuss potential growth for your company, let’s set up a time to talk.  I always look forward to these conversations.

Restaurant Hood Cleaning Defined

From Wikipedia: Restaurant hood cleaning is the process of removing grease that has accumulated inside the ducts, hoods, fans and vents of exhaust systems of commercial kitchens. Left uncleaned, kitchen exhaust systems eventually accumulate enough grease to become extreme fire hazards. Exhaust systems must be inspected regularly, at intervals consistent with usage, to determine whether cleaning is needed before a dangerous amount of grease has accumulated.  Sometimes referred to as kitchen exhaust cleaning, in the USA, most people in the restaurant business simply refer to this as restaurant hood cleaning and the operators that do the work are restaurant hood cleaners.

Restaurant Hood Cleaning Marketing

Formed in 2016 to specifically help restaurant hood cleaning company owners to increase profits and gain back more of their personal time through smart online marketing in order to gain new clients without cold calling.  Our plan is to have restaurant managers and owners to call in and request hood cleaning services.

Our secondary goal is to retain more restaurants so that their restaurant hood cleanings are scheduled frequently for retention and a solid, profitable relationship.

Contact Information:

Hood Cleaning Marketing
PO BOX 100
Carson City, NV 89702
(844) 259-1296
[email protected]

Thank you to for allowing me the opportunity to guest post about my business passion!


Three Great Wichita Gastropubs

Wichita Restaurant Review

Wichita Restaurant ReviewPublic was opened in 2012 by Brooke Russell, Travis Russell and Drew Thompson.  Their mission was to create a local gastropub using regional vendors.  Their craft beers and handcrafted cocktails are a cut above surrounding restaurants.   Located near the Old Town’s largest outdoor music venue, Public at the Brickyard is a restored warehouse with an atmosphere that is perfect for lunch, dinner and gatherings with old friends.

Public is a perfect place to have your next event.  They love doing corporate events, charity events, concerts, weddings and more.  Their venue is so unique you need to book your event at least two weeks out.

Brooke, Russell and Travis have vetted local suppliers to use only the best.  For their Bakeries they have chosen Crust and Crump Co to make their bread for their sandwiches.  La Tradicion Tortilleria create their corn tortillas for their gluten-free brisket tacos.  Brioche, croissants and baguettes come from the Bagatelle Bakery and their fresh pita bread is supplied by John’s Pita Bakery.Wichita Restaurant Review

To name a few of their meat producers, they use Yoder Meat for their award-winning exotic meats, cheeses and smoked meats.  AGA certified grass fed lamb and beef come from Graze the Prairie.  They even have a supplier for their rabbit, the Rare Hare.

Okra, micro-greens, tomatoes and fresh herbs are supplied by Kan-Grow Hydro Fam and Home Grown Kansas supplies them with all naturally grown produce.

Locally owned family market, Lovera Cheese, provides them with award-winning sausages, quality recipes, cheese and Italian import on their Dairy list.  The Jumping Good Goat Dairy produces artisan farmstead goat cheese.

Tapping into several local breweries, Free State Brewing Company became the first legal brewery in 1989 in Kansas in over 100 years.  They use Wheat State Winery for wine who had the honor in 2012 to be named “Kansas Wine of the Year”.

No wonder they have four point four stars with fantastic reviews!

Wichita Restaurant ReviewDempsey’s Burger Pub has four locations in Kansas.  They are located in Wichita East, Lawrence, Kansas City and the one I am reviewing Wichita-Clifton Square.

First a little about Clifton Square.  Clifton Square features a collection of Victorian-era houses remodeled to a dining and shopping village.  You have many choices for dining so look closely to Dempsey’s Burger Pub.  While you are wandering around the various shops and eateries take not of the locally-created murals.  Be sure to look in the out of the way places to see some of the most unique murals.

Dempsey’s Burger and Pub serves exactly what you expect from a gastropub.  Their burgers are mouthwatering stating with their signature House Kobe with shallot marmalade, tomato confit and local micro greens.  Or try the Hot Hawaiian Kobe with what else – pineapple-jalapeno chutney, thick cut bacon, Bibb lettuce and spicy Sriracha aioli on a pretzel bun.Wichita Restaurant Review

If you are looking for a cheaper meal their Black Angus burgers will fit the bill!  Try their Egg Burger with an Angus patty, fried egg, this cut bacon and Swiss cheese.  Their Bleu Burger is one of my favorites with Maytag bleu cheese, shallot marmalade and thick cut bacon.  For those of you who prefer fish, try the Salmon Burger with fresh caught, never frozen salmon filets topped with lettuce slaw and Nana’s sauce.

Their variety of Fries will please even the most picky of eaters.  Be boring and try the Regular Fries which are cut in house and lightly salted.  But, I would prefer the Truffle Fries which are tossed in truffle oil, parmesan and parsley.  Ever have Duck Fat Fries?  Yep, these house fries are lightly salted, tossed in duck fat and sprinkled with parsley.

Dempsey’s rates four stars with over two hundred reviews.

Wichita Restaurant ReviewLastly there is The Anchor with four stars and over one thousand reviews.  The Anchor was founded in 2004 in the Douglas Design District where Downtown meets Old Town Wichita.  Named Kansas’s Great American Beer Bar in 2018 by readers, this gastropub features an ever-changing selection of fifty-nine craft beers.

Most popular dishes include Burn Notice Hot Wings (I really liked that show), The Haystack, Dos Tacos and don’t even not try their Reuben.  They believe it is the best in town.

They are always featuring beer tastings and community events so be sure to follow them to keep up on their events.

Did I mention they are not only a bar and grill they also have a butcher shop next door.  Using only locally sourced premium meats, cheeses, produce and dry goods you can be sure you are getting the finest freshest food in the area.  Need a present for a friend or client?  They also have a variety of gourmet gifts.Wichita Restaurant Review

Next time you are in the area, drop by The Anchor.  With over eleven hundred reviews you are sure to not be disappointed.

This article has been brought to you by Wichita Hood Cleaning Pros.

Top Three Restaurants for Foodies in Tampa, Florida

tampa american restaurant lab

bayshore middle eastern tampa

By now, I have reviewed a LOT of restaurants in Tampa. I am very familiar with the cuisine, and I have been there as restaurants come and go. My opinions on the best restaurants in Tampa are always changing, so it helps to stay up to date on my articles. Unless you like eating at bad Tampa restaurants that aren’t good, of course. These three are different from any past one that I have reviewed, because nobody wants to hear about the same restaurant multiple times in a row. Plus it helps them garner more positive reputation.

tampa mediterranean restaurant bayshore

Bayshore Mediterranean Grill serves the best Mediterranean and Middle Eastern food that I have had in a while. Located near the Ballast Point neighborhood in Tampa, if you live there then you should be satisfied for a while. It would be nice to live in an apartment above a restaurant, so I could just head downstairs, get some food, and head back up to eat it. Bayshore is one of the few restaurants in Tampa with so many different things to order that it’s hard to get the same thing over and over.

I think that a lot of people recognize Bayshore Mediterranean Grill for their baked hummus, which I also happened to have the pleasure of trying. To accurately summarize it, the baked hummus was amazing. But I have also enjoyed ordering other items in the past, such as the salads and the Cold Dip Platter. Also, if you are a bread person, then you will be in heaven. I’m not sure what the chefs do to that hot bread to make it taste so great but is always the highlight of my evening whenever I eat at Bayshore Mediterranean Grill.

It’s crispy on the outside and soft on the inside, but somehow manages to never get cold. Amazing. Another thing that people will (and do) love about Bayshore Mediterranean Grill is the atmosphere. It may not be located next to all of the steakhouses that charge upwards of $100 per meal, but you should always be able to find something to do before or after eating your meal. The atmosphere is not just all about location, however. Noise level, sanitation, and lighting are some of the biggest gripes that I see when reading reviews for other Tampa restaurants.

Personally, I felt a giant burden lifted off of my shoulders when first entering Bayshore Mediterranean Grill. It was relatively quiet, the music was kept to a perfect volume and there were no servers stomping and clapping to a song like the Texas Roadhouse. I had a few friends with me, and it was nice to be able to carry a conversation without needing to raise my voice. There are a nice amount of windows as well, so you’re not exclusively at the mercy of whatever lightbulbs are above you. I think the natural lighting looks a lot better, plus I like to watch the people go past as I wait for my food.

Window seats will always give a restaurant bonus points in my book, but I can still understand if the conditions don’t allow for windows. If you want to know more about individual dishes or you don’t believe all the great things that I have stated (I have said a lot), then you are in luck.

 Bayshore Mediterranean Grill has more great online reviews than I can count, and it would take me a lifetime to read all of them. I know that I haven’t said a single negative thing about Bayshore Mediterranean Grill, but when you reside in a city with over 40 restaurants then there will be some pretty stiff competition. It’s not easy being at the top, especially in a Florida town such as Tampa or Miami.

steakhouse and seafood tampa restaurant

Now, if that was not enough to impress you, then this New York restaurant should be. Roy’s Restaurant is both a steakhouse and a sushi bar, and the chefs didn’t just one-trick their way to a positive reputation. Everything on the menu, no matter what style of cuisine, is delicious. I’m speaking from experience, after all. People gotta eat. Roy’s Restaurant is located right near the University of Tampa campus, and I have seen a lot of students eating there so you would not be the first one.

When I first looked at Roy’s Restaurant’s Menu, I was shocked at how amazing all of the dishes looked. No restaurant could offer such lavish dishes and still keep their prices so affordable, right? Wrong. Roy’s Melting Hot Chocolate Soufflé is also one of the best desserts I have had in a very long time, and that is saying something.

Roy’s Restaurant has it all, and by all I mean service, quality food, and great prices. Service is one of the things that I value most in a restaurant, so I only mention so often because it is vital. Service is the one thing that I see mentioned most in amazing online reviews.

tampa american restaurant lab

Last, there’s Edison: Food+Drink Lab. Here, you will be eating near Carver City in Tampa. I decided to include this restaurant because I think the food that they provide is very unique. With the word “lab” in the title, obviously they’re making some kind of great concoction in the kitchen, right? If the kitchen is an actual lab, then I am sure it is messy all of the time. My cooking class teacher always reminded me about the importance of cleaning up after yourself, as clumsiness was a hazard to all of those around you.

From what I have seen, Edison: Food+Drink Lab is a very clean restaurant. That should be expected, after all. These are the top three, not the top 100. I have passed a Tampa hood cleaner that’s not too far from this restaurant’s location, so I’m sure the management is set when it comes to keeping messes out of their kitchen.

Especially because Tampa Hood Cleaning Pros are one of the top-rated hood cleaners within the state. If you click now, you can check their website out and even schedule an appointment. Unless you don’t own a restaurant, of course. Regardless, having a clean restaurant is just another step on the way to garnering positive reviews for your restaurant like Edison: Food+Drink Lab has.

The Bay Area’s Top Three Restaurants of 2018

asian chicken wings in san francisco

the house san francisco restaurant

If you thought Los Angeles was a tourist trap, wait until you see a lot of the other cities in California. With the cost of living here being so high, it is truly a wonder that anybody can afford to pay for such expensive food as well. Maybe they just look for the affordable places like I do, except I know which ones are the best. It’s one thing to serve affordable food, but it is another to have an amazing restaurant experience that doesn’t cost you too much. That’s where these three restaurants come in.

san francisco restaurant the house

In my opinion, Asian fusion restaurants don’t get as much attention as they should. It could just be that the other ones in town are too expensive or poor quality, but The House really takes the cake in this genre. Does “genre” still apply when you’re talking about food? One misconception about Asian fusion is that it’s either Japanese or Chinese, which is absolutely not true. You can usually get both at a restaurant, and if you can’t then you should be able to. Especially when you’re right on the San Francisco waterfront. My favorite meal is the deep fried salmon roll, and my wife says that her favorite is the grilled sea bass with garlic ginger soy. I’m probably going to go out and get some after I finish writing this article

. The House has a very wide range of choices, and I actually had to ask for recommendations when first eating here. Fortunately for me, the staff is very knowledgeable of their menu. Not only can they remember what the last few people have ordered, but they also each have personal favorites of their own. I’m a regular at the house, so I know pretty much all of the staff and their names/favorite items. Any restaurant where you can become a regular and the staff will remember your name and favorite dishes is definitely a keeper.

When reading all of the great online reviews for The House, a lot of people said that this was the best restaurant for ahi tuna in the Bay Area. That’s a bold statement, and if it is true, then more power to them. I will always endorse a restaurant that looks out for its customers. None of the staff ever seem like they are having a bad day. Nobody appears stressed out at all, even on days when the restaurant gets extremely busy. And I would know if the staff acted differently because I eat at The House almost weekly. In addition, the staff is really down to earth.

There’s nothing worse than a snobby restaurant where everyone holds their nose high in the air. Another thing that is really great about The House is the atmosphere. I’m not just talking about the decor, even though it is very good. Some restaurants play music way too loudly or the people inside are all shouting over each other, and this San Francisco restaurant is definitely not that way. I just always imagine my dad getting irritated and telling someone off because they are being too loud in a restaurant.

The final thing that I will commend The House for is the pricing they put on the dishes. It’s hard to thoroughly enjoy a restaurant when your budget limits how often you can eat there per week. Even if eating out every night is expensive, putting less strain on my finances is a priority for me. There has never been a time when I couldn’t afford to pay for all of my group, and I would like to keep it that way.

asian chicken wings in san francisco

San Tung is another Asian restaurant, but it is not Asian fusion. This one specializes in chicken wings, but they are a lot better than any wing place or sports bar. This time, you will be eating in the Inner Sunset area of San Francisco. Most businesses will have some kind of gimmick in order to draw more attention to their business, but what if I told you that there was a business that used the quality of their service to draw in business?

If you’re like me, then the first thing you will notice upon entering is how clean San Tung is. Passing safety inspections is very important to a restaurant, and I cannot tell you how many I have seen shut down over something as simple as sanitation. It should just become instinctual, really. I used to work for a Bay Area hood cleaning company, so I have seen the works. Even if San Tung already has a hood cleaner, having a backup in case they fall through wouldn’t hurt.

Their website is, so if San Tung’s management is reading this then check out their website. Wouldn’t hurt anybody. Another thing that really makes this San Francisco restaurant unique is the aesthetic. Sure, a lot of restaurants have to have some kind of theme that guides their look, but this restaurant is just attractive.

I always tell my wife that it would be the perfect location for a date night, but she says we eat here too much. Is that really a bad thing, though? You will find that the menu here is very diverse as well. Not just in the sense of different types of sauces for their chicken wings, but actual different styles of cuisine. All of these different little bits add up, and it has clearly worked after checking the amazing online reviews

ricotta doughnut san francisco

This last review should be rapid-fire, as you know my general thoughts about each restaurant. Nopa is a very classy restaurant, and they maintain all aspects of a high-end restaurant except the price. All of the staff is very respectful, and I always feel like some kind of important businessman whenever I visit. Service is very important to me, and now I pretty much expect all staff at restaurants to wipe down the table before they seat me.

If you asked what my favorite dish here is, I would have to say that it is the ricotta doughnut. I know that it’s not technically an entree, but if you order enough of them then it probably counts. If you’re ever near Lower Haight in San Francisco, drop by and say hi to me.

You can’t miss me, I’ll be the one scarfing down all of my food like it’s my last meal. Overall, Nopa really earns its spot as one of the top three restaurants in the Bay Area. This one came to mind first when I thought about writing these reviews, but I wanted to expose some other restaurants that could use the spotlight for a bit. Sorry, Nopa. You can’t have all of the customers. You can have all of the positive online reviews, though. Although it seems like you already do.

Jacksonville’s Best Restaurants in 2018

jacksonville florida bbq restaurant amazing

jacksonville restaurant cover

Jacksonville has a lot of restaurants, but I know that the number of options can appear to be overwhelming for some people. I’m making this list of food reviews to help narrow down the choices for people who are indecisive but don’t be afraid to read it nonetheless. My mother was a food critic for many years, so my perception and input may be of value as opposed to someone who only eats purely fast food.

jacksonville bbq restaurant great

Regardless, the first Jacksonville restaurant on my list is Gilbert’s Social. The name suggests that the Jacksonville establishment would be something similar to a coffee shop or a nightclub, because of the “social” part. Fret not, as it’s just a Southern-style restaurant. If that’s the opposite of what you were looking for, then stay tuned. I am going to mention multiple types of restaurants in this article.

Gilbert’s Social is located right next to Brackridge in Jacksonville, Florida. Before eating here for the first time, I actually read a lot of great online reviews on Yelp and google. Most of them just commented on how good the food and service were, pretty generic stuff. The ones I was specifically looking for were suggestions for what to order, so I would know what to get. Unfortunately, there were so many different suggestions that I ended having to ask my waitress. She recommended the BBQ sampler, which has been my steady mainstay ever since.

It includes so much different great meat, and honestly, I don’t even remember all of the different things that are included. I usually eat it so fast that I don’t get the opportunity to see it on my plate. Keep in mind that a lot of the food is fried, but if you’re a vegan or you’re dieting there are plenty of things for you to order as well. I also really like the BBQ corn at Gilbert’s Social. Whatever they put in that seasoning is an absolute killer. It’s probably also terrible for my heart, but there’s nothing wrong with a cheat day here and there.

Everything here is amazing, from the brisket to the grilled chicken breast. Once you’re inside, you can look forward to some great interior decorating and lighting. Natural light has its benefits, but if a restaurant can pull off artificial lighting and make it look like real sunlight, I won’t complain. In addition, the music is always kept at a tolerable volume. Enough for you to hold a conversation, at least. I can’t stand eating in restaurants that blast music that I don’t even like, and it forces everyone else to raise their voices in turn.

I never knew this until recently, but a friend of mine who works in a commercial kitchen said that some restaurants like to keep the lights down because it hides the dirt on tables and people won’t notice it. Considering how bright the lights are, I’d say that Gilbert’s Social has nothing to hide when it comes to clean tables and sanitation. Earlier in the review, I mentioned that a lot of Southern food happens to be fried during the cooking process.

It would be vital for Gilbert’s Social to be in close contact with a Jacksonville hood cleaning business, as grease fires are one of the biggest dangers in a restaurant’s commercial kitchen. You might not take my word for it, but there are plenty of other reviews online that agree with me. My thoughts are more articulate and organized, plus I’m a pretty cool guy if I do say so myself.

jacksonville bread and board restaurant

Next up, there’s Bread & Board. This restaurant has more in common with a diner than Gilbert’s Social, but that doesn’t stop the chefs from preparing amazing meals. Here, you’ll be eating somewhat close to Five Points in Jacksonville. I have some pretty boring and simple tastes, so I usually just end up ordering the pesto brisket burger.

It sounds like some weird burger, but the process of making it is simple and it actually involves very few ingredients. All of the ingredients taste super fresh, so I’m not even sure that I would ever want to order anything else. Plus I’m kind of a regular at Bread & Board, so they pretty much automatically order it for me. My wife typically orders the chicken salad sandwich, which she says is very good too.

I’d try some of hers, but pesto’s pretty filling. Both of us wrote very good online reviews after eating here for the first tie, and we definitely look forward to the next time we can find a spot in our schedule. The interior is very roomy and well-lit, so Bread & Board would make the perfect location for a business meeting. I love the breakfast food they serve in the morning. The perfect way to kick off the day.

jacksonville florida bbq restaurant amazing

Finally, the last restaurant that I’ll be reviewing is The Bearded Pig. The name makes it sound like something you would see in a freak show or circus, but the food here is on par with the best restaurants in Jacksonville. The Bearded Pig is also only a few blocks away from the St. Johns River, so you’re in for some beautiful scenery.

This is yet another restaurant that serves BBQ food, but The Bearded Pig also serves a wide variety of sandwiches. I’m a sucker for pulled pork sliders, so I can never say no to the waitress. In fact, the waiters and waitresses are what set this restaurant apart from all of the others in Jacksonville.

All of the waiters are super friendly and helpful, and if you eat here enough (as I did) then they will come to learn your name. Restaurants that make you feel like you’re wanted automatically earn bonus points. Again, you’ll come to see that a recurring theme across all of my favorite restaurants is their mountains of positive online reviews.

In the end, I’m still having trouble deciding which restaurant was my favorite. There’s only three that I talked about, so it shouldn’t be that hard to decide, but each one of them is so great in its own special way. Sounds pretty corny, I know.

My Top Four Favorite Tampa Restaurants

tampa jamaican restaurant

fancy table restaurant tampa

I’ve always lived in Tampa, and I’ll always love it. Not many people think about food when they decide to come here on vacation, so I have taken it as my duty to change that. I have professional experience as a food critic, so my opinion is not one to be taken lightly.

tampa jamaican restaurant

First up, there’s my favorite restaurant in Tampa: Yah Mon. Yah Mon is a Caribbean restaurant, which I personally think is a very unique style of cuisine. It doesn’t take much to serve regular old American food or Latin food. If you had to ask someone to name a Caribbean restaurant that they’ve been to, I’m sure they would be at a loss for words. This restaurant is located in Hyde Park in Tampa, right next to the waterfront, and they serve the best Jamaican food I’ve ever eaten. If it’s your first time eating there, make sure to order the curry chicken and the fried plantains, or “maduros”. To kick off the review, I’ll talk even more about their food.

The menu is filled with tons of things to order, so you can even bring your picky kids. Everything on the menu is modestly priced, so don’t be afraid to order whatever you want. If you want to try everything on Yah Mon’s menu, it will take more than a few visits. Trust me. The chefs make sure that you’re full before you leave, and the food is already really filling, to begin with. In addition, the service here is also very good. In fact, this might be one of the most professional restaurants I have eaten at.

The waiters are always respectful and make sure your glass is always full, but they don’t pester you like flies while you’re trying to enjoy your meal. When I ate here for the first time, the waiter was very helpful in letting me know what customers have enjoyed in the past. Now I’ve been there so many times that I’m essentially a regular. If you do decide to bring your kids, don’t worry about them getting their hands dirty or touching gum under the table or anything like that. Yah Mon is also one of the cleanest restaurants I’ve eaten at in Tampa, and their kitchen is just as clean.

One time I asked the owner if I could take a look inside the kitchen as he was making his rounds around the restaurant, and he agreed without hesitation. I looked all over in their kitchen and couldn’t find anything with visible dirt on it. Even the kitchen’s grease trap was clean, which lead me to believe that it had been cleaned that day. After all, with all of the items on the menu that are fried, you know there’s gonna be grease in the air.

I’ll have to ask the owner which Tampa hood cleaning business they get their spotless exhaust hoods from, so I can recommend them to other restaurant owners I know in Tampa. Believe it or not, Yah Mon is actually Tampa’s highest-rated Caribbean restaurant. Look at all of their amazing reviews online if you don’t believe me. Always a pleasure to dine here.

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Next, a trip to Tampa wouldn’t be complete if you didn’t visit a great steakhouse before leaving. Black Rock Bar & Grill gives the feel of a super high-class steakhouse, but doesn’t expect you to pay top dollar for the same quality of service as one. This restaurant is found by Cedar Hollow in Tampa. Although it’s a steakhouse, my absolute favorite item on the menu is their lobster bisque. Every time I order it, I can taste how fresh all of the ingredients are. It’s probably not that difficult to procure fresh seafood, since Florida is so close to the coast. Black Rock Bar & Grill doesn’t skimp either, always giving me a big lobster claw.

I’ve been to a few restaurants in Miami where my meal cost upwards of $100 and I get a piece of lobster the size of a sushi roll. It surprised me that they can offer such quality food at affordable prices and still manage to stay in business, but I guess it helps that the place is always packed. Don’t worry about being crowded though, because the interior is very roomy open. As busy as the restaurant always gets, the owner always manages to find me a spot.

Probably because I’ve eaten at this restaurant so many times that he knows me by name now. I’m sure my words are enough to convince any of you stragglers, but if you’re still on the fence then just check Yelp or any other review site. I looked at google’s reviews section before eating at Black Rock Bar & Grill for the first time, and I didn’t believe the amazing online reviews at first. I do now.

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On Swann is my go-to place whenever I get bored with the other restaurants, and it always hits the spot. Not only a restaurant, the chefs also specialize in desserts. In my opinion, the tomahawk pork chop is the single best item on the menu. On Swann serves some unique food, like parm zeppole with whipped ricotta corn dip. I was actually kind of scared to order it at first because it sounds so strange, but there has never been a time where I was disappointed with this restaurant’s food.

Here’s another restaurant in the Hyde Park area of Tampa, right next to the shoreline. If you wanted to take your dessert to go, you could even walk along the beach and look at all the boats launching from the dock. I love On Swann’s open-air kitchen because it fascinates me to watch chefs prepare food. Also, the interior is well decorated to the point where I would bring food in from any other place just to eat it inside this restaurant.

Not that I would want to eat another restaurant’s food, considering how good these desserts are. I left my great online review after eating here for the first time, and it would be nice if I could leave positive online reviews after each time I enjoyed Swann’s food since then. There would be a LOT of reviews, though.

What I did this weekend, but as a prequel

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I forgot to talk about what I did on Saturday. Actually, I didn’t really forget. There just wasn’t enough room before I reached the 350 marks, and why waste words in that article when they can spill over into the next one? It’s called efficiency. I like to think I’m pretty efficient, I always know what shortcuts to take that don’t sacrifice quality. There’s a difference between doing something quickly and doing something efficiently. In any event, on Saturday I went to Topaz Lake with my dad, his friend Sheri, and her kids. No, they’re not dating. It’s more of a “will-they-or-won’t-they” soap opera that I couldn’t care less about.

I just hope she knows that he was unfaithful in his last relationship. He’s just lucky I don’t bring it up. My dad would probably go on some rampage and rip all my games out of the TV and throw them on the ground. He thinks he’s teaching me a lesson, but from an outside perspective, he makes himself look like a temperamental child. There’s a right way to handle things and a wrong way. Anyways, we took Sheri’s family’s boat to Topaz and rode around a bit. They had this inflatable duck-shaped thing, so her son Ty and I took turns being dragged by the boat. It was built to be ridden by a 7-year old, so there was no way we could stay on top of it. It kept rolling and flipping every time we tried to hop on.

One thing I’m great at hopping on is the Seattle Hood Cleaners hype train. Once we were out there, we ate some KFC that we had brought and it was actually really good. I was probably just super hungry because I don’t usually eat breakfast, but I devoured this chicken. Typically I don’t care for chicken-oriented places like KFC and El Pollo Loco. Chicken chimichangas from Super Taqueria are amazing, though. I’m glad I live so close. I had fun out on the lake, and we’re probably going to head back soon. My dad wants to bring an actual biscuit this time, so I can have more fun being towed

Famous people from Illinois

First off I’ll use the obvious example, Obama. Barack Hussein Obama was from Chicago, IL. He grew up to be the president in 2008 and was reelected in 2012. Politics are extremely divisive, so it’s difficult to tell whether or not he was a “good” president. Good and bad are so subjective that I could spend this whole post writing about how good Obama was, and an entire other article on how bad he was. Anyways, Harrison Ford was also from Chicago. He was in American Graffiti, Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the Lost Ark, Temple of Doom, Last Crusade, Kingdom of the Crystal Skull, Blade Runner (and the upcoming sequel), A New Hope, The Empire Strikes Back, Return of the Jedi, and a lot of other movies.

Also from Chicago was Ernest Hemingway, the author most famous for winning the Nobel prize in 1954. Quincy Jones is also from Illinois. He produced a few of Michael Jackson’s albums. Even among all these people originating from Illinois was the “King of Swing” Benny Goodman. He actually wrote a lot of the old big band music that I enjoy. There are too many people in the modern age that don’t appreciate music without lyrics, but it honestly really helps me sleep at night. If there are lyrics then I focus on the words that they’re saying and it keeps me up even longer. Even though they’re not from Illinois, the men down at the best towing company in reno nv will hook you up. Quality service for a an affordable price, I would assume. I’ve never actually been so I have no idea. Coincidentally enough, Harrison Ford is also one of my favorite actors.

He was awesome in American Graffiti, which has probably the best soundtrack in a movie to date. Guardians of the Galaxy attempted to top them, but 50s music is so much better than 70s and 80s. In reality, I wouldn’t be surprised if you went into a classroom of first graders and asked them to spell Illinois but they couldn’t do it. Part of me feels like the same amount wouldn’t be able to pronounce it if they saw it written