Detroit Hood Cleaning Pros Reviews Three Fine Dining Restaurants in Detroit, Michigan

The Mercury Burger & Bar is rich with Detroit antiquity. Although owners David Steinke and Dennis Fulton are still researching the history of the building, itself, they already know that in the 1930s to the ‘50s, there was a train that ran out of Michigan Central Station called The Mercury. It is located at 2163 Michigan Ave, Detroit, Michigan. It ran from Chicago to Detroit and then to New York, and often transported soldiers and sailors who were on their way to fight in WWII.

The idea for creating Mercury Burger & Bar in Corktown came when Steinke and Fulton were at a burger joint called the B Spot, owned by Michael Symon (who also owns the downtown restaurant Roast). Fulton said they liked the idea of a burger place because it gives people an alternative to a sports bar or a barbecue.

The menu offers local specialties such as the S.W. Detroit burger — topped with chorizo slider, jalapenos, münster cheese, tortilla strips, and zanahorias (pickled spiced carrots) — and the Eastern Market — a black bean burger with lettuce, tomato, onion, münster cheese and avocado on whole-grain bread. Plus the bar offers six different types of fried, including seasoned, garlic, and chili cheese. They have over three thousand reviews on the world wide web giving them four-point-five star reviews.

Royale with Cheese is an innovative, unique burger joint located in the heart of Detroit’s Midtown neighborhood. It is named after the hit movie “Pulp Fiction”. With a variety of sides to choose from and milkshakes. Vegetarians can substitute any Burger with a Black Bean Veggie Patty. It is located at 4163 Cass Ave, Detroit, Michigan.

Diners in Royale with Cheese can expect a creative menu that blends American and Mediterranean flavors. The restaurant’s namesake Royale burger is topped with smoked brisket, southwest corn relish, caramelized onions, avocado, smoked gouda, creamy coleslaw, and “Royale sauce” (a creamy, fondue-like cheese).

There’s also a vegetarian falafel burger with tomatoes, romaine lettuce, Lebanese pickles, avocado, and lemon-tahini aioli. For a purely id-driven craving check out the deep-fried Doritos ravioli filled with jalapeno nacho cheese with roasted tomato sauce. Most importantly, the shakes feature house-made custard in flavors like Cinnamon Toast Crunch, Oreo-Nutella, and Hershey pie. Now they have over two thousand reviews on google giving them four-point-four star reviews.

Basement Burger Bar is dedicated to providing guests with delicious food and exceptional service at an affordable price. This simple menu allows for made-to-order, palette-pleasing meals. Vegetables and greens are all locally sourced from reputable farms to ensure they’re fresh and flavorful. It is located at 1326 Brush St, Detroit, Michigan.

This family-owned spot has become known in the area for its twists on classic burgers like the Philly Burger, Tropical Burger, and the Italian Stallion. For those with even bigger appetites, Basement Burger Bar has featured burgers like the Junk Burger, a beef burger with red pepper mayo, garlic mayo, smoke BBQ ketchup, bacon, caramelized onions, mozzarella sticks, fried pickles, crispy onion straws, and cheddar cheese sauce. They have over one thousand reviews on the world wide web giving them four-point-four star reviews.

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